Previous News Updates

Previous News Updates

10/04/2018: Falcon / Master Piece Figures are now in the process of being added in OO and O gauges 

20/03/2018: We are now on instagram instagram if you would like to follow us to see what we are upto @harrisonbrownmodels 

21/02/2018: New items instock from from various product lines. See New Arrivals / Re-Stocks 

10/01/2018: New items instock from Revell and Plastic Soldiers. See New Arrivals / Re-Stocks

30/11/2017: We are very pleased to announce that we have added the popular range of Videolines DVD's (with Heritage in Motion DVD's to follow) and now have a healthy stock of Revell Star Wars kits in-stock. Also we have started carrying the amazing Simply Southern range as well!!! Check out all these great ranges in the online store option to the left.

Videolines Star_Wars Simply_Southern

13/11/2017: New exhibition layout update to Corscombe's update page.

12/11/2017: New exhibition layout update to Corscombe's update page.

31/10/2017: New exhibition layout update to Corscombe's update page.

18/10/2017: All stock levels are active again and correct now that we are on top of managing Emma's health conditions and more items are being added daily. Note: Fire Engine Kits will be re-activated shortly once we verify which items have been discontinued.

18/09/2017: Todays progress on Corscombe has been updated on its pages in the Exhibition Layouts section of the Exhibitions category. 

8/03/2017: It has been noted that the migration issues have returned and e-mails are not getting through and a lot of web- pages have become backdated and showing old items or sold out items as being in-stock. We are now working tirelessly to repair/rebuild and hope to have everything as it should be again over the next 4-5 days.

11/10/16: Due to the rising costs we shall no longer be attending Warners shows until further notice.

10/10/16: After a long run of hospital visits & stays Emma now has a diagnosis for the what has been causing her serious attacks for the last couple of years. This now means we know what we are dealing with & are getting on top of how to manage it.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have passed on your best wishes & messages of support.

14/4/16: All products are now correct from the migration issues & work is underway to add the missing pictures & product details. New product lines are also about to be added.

A large list of e-mails dating over a length time have also just appeared in the in-box so efforts are now underway to respond to all.

Updated show list will be uploaded by the end of next week if not sooner.

28/3/16: Due to a busy workload & numerous medical appointments the re-building work has been slow but all items in the Adhesives & Die-Cast categories are fixed from the web-site migration issues with more items being added.

9/3/16: All items in the Adhesives & Die-Cast categories are fixed & correct.

25/2/16: The migration problems/muddle are now in the process of being re-organised & the site is gradually coming back together again, thank you all for your patience.